Ailee appears at 2013 MelOn Music Awards despite Allkpop Nude Photo Controversy

Despite a nude photo scandal that has stirred outrage within the international K-pop community, solo singer Ailee attended the last aturday's 2013 MelOn Music Awards in South Korea.

According to Ailee's record label YMC Entertainment, the pop star took the nude photos while attempting to land an underwear-modeling job that turned out to be a fake.

"Ailee is having a hard time now, but she also thinks that she cannot live away from the stage as a singer," said one YMC rep.

"Even though this isn't the right time, she wants to keep her word with the fans and celebrate the honor of receiving an award."

The 24-year-old singer has received a MelOn Music Award for being one of the top 10 artists of 2013.

Last week, as Ailee's nude photo controversy sizzled on high, the singer flew home from Japan and was spotted flying into South Korea's Gimpo International Airport.

After attending the award ceremony, she flew back to Japan.

She is also supposed to visit WA down under to feature in K-Pop Festival.

Much of the online fervor has revolved around whether Ailee's ex-boyfriend, allkpop Vice President of Content Daniel Lee, leaked the photos, which he had previously acquired from the singer, to his publication.

The allpop editorial staff maintains the photos came from a Canadian resident who originally tried to sell them to the website, a claim they say they have the emails to prove.

According to the Korean media outlet Dispatch, a man claiming to have nude photos offered to sell them to the publication several days ago, an offer the editors turned down for legal reasons.

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