'Justice League' loses box office to 'Swindlers'

The big-budget Hollywood superhero movie "Justice League" was dethroned by the domestic crime film "The Swindlers," after winning its first weekend in the South Korean box office, data showed Monday.

"The Swindlers" landed the top spot, selling 1.2 million tickets or 61.9 percent of all tickets sold from Friday to Sunday, according to the real-time tally from the Korean Film Council (KOFIC).

The new Korean film starring Hyunbin and Yoo Ji-tae revolves around a team of scam artists and a corrupt prosecutor teaming up to track down a notorious fraudster for their own purposes. It has drawn about 1.7 million people since it opened in theaters Wednesday.

The runner-up "Justice League" sold only 258,199 tickets, bringing its two-weekend total to 1.62 million.

American horror thriller "Happy Death Day" dropped a spot to third with 145,999 views, followed by Marvel's "Thor: Ragnarok," which was seen by 98,929 people.

"Loving Vincent," a hand-painted animation project from Poland and Britain, rose two spots to fifth in its third weekend in the box office, drawing 48,797 moviegoers.

Yonhap News/TOP Digital

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