Korean born Australian illustrator Courtney Kim initiates crowdfunding campaign with bibimbap

The first ever Korean bibimbap food truck is hitting the streets of Melbourne, with a Pozible crowdfunding campaign currently underway.
South Korean born Courtney Kim created the campaign, and hopes to raise $12,000 by 20 September.

Kim said, “I want to provide Melbourne workers with a healthy, reasonably priced lunch option.”
Feeding tasty, organic, and convenient bibimbap Korean food to Melbourne’s hungry citizens has been Courtney Kim’s dream.

Like many entrepreneurial ideas, the genesis of her dream was born out of personal frustration.

While working in Melbourne’s CBD, she found it nearly impossible to find great-tasting, healthy food options.

Instead, she, along with fellow co-workers, was forced to down oversized, expensive meals packed with fat and sugar

By the way, Korean food is fast gaining popularity around the world and is topping food trend predictions for 2014/15.

“I’ll have regular spots that I park on different days of the week, and spread the word of where I’ll be for special events via social media,” she said.

On offer is bibimbap, a traditional Korean meal that starts with a base of rice cooked in vegetable stock.

Kim said her food van will include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

The money raised from the Pozible campaign will be used to buy a food van, second hand equipment for a commercial kitchen, plumbing and electrical, packaging, and solar panel installation.

To learn more about Courtney’s crusade to bring delicious Bibimbap to Melbourne, visit her at www.pozible.com/bibimbap

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