Sydney, brace yourselves for Margaret PsyCHO.

Margaret Cho returns to Sydney in September.

Internationally renowned Korean American comedian Margaret Cho returns to Australia this September with an all new stand-up show, The Psycho Tour.

The PsyCHO show, touring nationally and as part of the Just For Laughs festival at the Sydney Opera House, is an ever-evolving work.

She says she tailors it to what's happening in the present news cycle, or political issues relevant to where she's performing.

The comedian and activist, Cho, is a fiercely bold and controversial flag-bearer for empowerment and equality.

Over three decades in comedy, the 47-year-old Korean-American has remained a loud, taboo-busting voice for the marginalised, speaking out against rape culture, homophobia, racism and bullying.

In Australia, she applauds our stance on gun control: "Australia has a generation who have grown up without that kind of gun violence that we see daily in America, unfortunately.

"There is no awareness or thought of it and I think that's beautiful and that's something that I would like America to get to, but we've never been able to in any way.

"The violence has got worse and worse as the days progress and it's a daily thing now which is really upsetting. There's a lot to be discussed there and why this is happening."

A consistent feature in the show as it's travelled the world, she says, is dissecting the "strange phenomenon" of Donald Trump and how he's rather spectacularly damaging the credibility of US politics.

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