Top actresses’ overtly revealing dresses stun the BIFF

South Korea’s top actors and celebrities on Thursday attended the 18th annual Busan International Film Festival, one of the major film festivals in Asia, attracting media coverage.

In particular, actresses were flooded by camera flashes when they walked the red carpet to enter the opening ceremony. A growing number of female celebrities are going for bold, revealing outfits to steal the spotlight at film festivals.

BIFF will run through Oct. 12 in Busan Cinema Center.

Actress Kang Hanna who caused the biggest sensation with her revealing dress

Actress Yoo In-na

Actress Hong Soo-A

Actress Ha Jiwon

Korean actresses in beautiful dress hit the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the BIFF.
(From left) Kang Han-na, Hong Soo-a, Ha Ji-won, Han Hyo-joo, Ko A-ra, Han Soo-ah and Cho Yeo-jung)