S. Korea seeks to adopt ceiling on screen domination by big-budget films

 South Korea is seeking to put a ceiling on the number of movie screens allotted for a single film in a bid to prevent a screen monopoly by big-budget blockbusters, the culture ministry said Monday.

"The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will seek a revision of the 'Promotion of the Motion Pictures and Video Products Act' with an eye on the adoption of a screen ceiling in order to address unfair (competition) practices in the film industry," the ministry said as part of a broader film industry promotion plan.


Busan film festival closes with eye on industry trends

The 24th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) came to a close on Saturday, successfully keeping up with changing market trends and staying afloat after years of setbacks.

This year's BIFF, which opened on Oct. 3 for a 10-day run, screened 300 films from 85 countries and drew a total of 189,115 attendees, slightly down from the previous year's 195,081, according to organizers. Along with the opening film, "The Horse Thieves. Roads of Time," 118 films of this year's invited pieces had their world premiere at BIFF.


Park Chan-wook preparing remake of French auteur's 'The Axe'

South Korea's renowned film director Park Chan-wook said Sunday that he is now working on his lifelong dream of remaking a Cannes-winning French auteur's comedy drama, "The Axe."

"I have had a lifetime project to make a film titled 'The Axe,'" Park said in an open talk with Greek-French director Costa Gavras held at the Busan Cinema Center during the ongoing Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). "I've not yet started filming, but I wish to make this film as my masterpiece."


Film based on feminist novel sparks anti-feminist backlash in S. Korea

 The movie "Kim Ji-young, Born 1982," based on the best-selling novel of the same title, has re-ignited the debate on feminism ahead of its release next month, with some men announcing a boycott of the story that has emerged as a symbol of women's struggles in patriarchal South Korea.

The 2016 work by novelist Cho Nam-joo, herself a mother in her thirties when she wrote the book, explores the life of an average thirty-something woman in one of Asia's most economically developed but socially conservative countries through protagonist Kim Ji-young.


(Movie Review) 'Battle of Jangsari' recalls forgotten battle of Korean War

The Battle of Incheon, code-named Operation Chromite, of Sept. 15-19, 1950, was a historic amphibious landing mission during the 1950-53 Korea War. It turned the tide of the war in favor of the United Nations troops by successfully cutting the North's supply and communication lines.

A day before the Incheon operation, a small diversionary operation was staged at Jangsari in Yeongdeok, a small fishing village on the east coast, 350 kilometers southeast of Seoul, to draw North Korean attention away from Incheon. The mission involved 772 teenage soldiers.


Kazakh film on horse thieves to open Busan International Film Festival

"The Horse Thieves. Roads of Time," a Kazakhstani horse opera, will open this year's Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) next month, organizers said Wednesday.

Co-directed by Yerlan Nurmukhambetov from Kazakhstan and Lisa Takeba from Japan, the movie depicts the life of a 12-year-old boy who chases a gang of horse thieves that killed his father and witnesses the destruction of his childhood.

The Kazakh director was awarded the New Currents prize, given to up-and-coming Asian directors, at BIFF for his feature "Walnut Tree" in 2015.


Three Korean films ready to clash over Chuseok holiday

As Chuseok, the major Korean harvest festival, is one of the most popular periods for filmgoers, local movie theaters are gearing up to lure movie buffs and holiday shoppers with new releases.

Three homegrown movies are set to simultaneously open on Sept. 11, the eve of the four-day Chuseok holiday. This year's Chuseok falls on Sept. 13.


BIFF to screen film classics to mark centennial of Korean cinema

This year's Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) will screen 10 masterpieces by renowned Korean directors to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Korean cinema, organizers said Saturday.

The special screening program will be held under the name "The 100 Year History of Korean Cinema, 10 Great Korean Films" during the 24th BIFF, set to kick off on Oct. 3 for a 10-day run in the southern port city of Busan, according to the film festival.


'Parasite' selected as S. Korea's Oscar contender

The Cannes-winning film "Parasite" by renowned auteur Bong Joon-ho has been selected as South Korea's entry to the best international feature film category at the upcoming Academy Awards.

The Korean Film Council (KOFIC) said Thursday that it picked Bong's black comedy film to compete for an Oscar nomination for best foreign film next year.

The state-run council said it chose "Parasite" for its Palme d'Or achievement at this year's Cannes Film Festival, the worldwide reputation of director Bong Joon-ho and its artistic and cinematic quality.


Seoul women's film festival to open on Aug. 30

This year's Seoul International Women's Film Festival is set to open later this month, highlighting various films that represent the perspective of women, organizers said Friday.

The 21st edition of the festival kicks off on Aug. 30 for an eight-day run at the Oil Tank Culture Park in northwestern Seoul and Megabox Sangam World Cup Stadium under this year's slogan, "20+1, Faces Breaking Down the Walls."

A total of 119 films from 31 countries will be screened during the festival.



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